Relax into autumn with tips from Endia, Massage Therapist

Summer may be ending, but that doesn’t mean your relaxation has to! Let’s talk to Endia who is a massage therapist at our Clemmons, NC  location!

How does receiving a massage help promote relaxation?

Physiologically, massage lowers blood pressure and heart rate which definitely promotes relaxation. Energetically, just being in a more calm environment promotes relaxation as well.

What are some tips and tricks guests can use to help relax at home?

Once again, changing the environment you’re in. It’s always beneficial to just take a few moments out of the day to turn off electronics, get into a calm, quiet space and simply shut your eyes for a few moments.  Also there are great guided meditation videos on YouTube that are very helpful. Using certain essential oils, such as lavender and eucalyptus, help with relaxation as well.

What is the #1 complaint you see coming into your center?

Personally, I have quite a few clients that suffer from migraines.

Is there anything guests can do to combat that problem?

One main cause of  migraines is a condition called bruxism, which is where one grinds their teeth during their sleep. This causes tension not only in the muscles of the neck and upper back, but also the facial muscles as well. Managing stress levels is a key point in helping with migraines.

How often do you suggest guests come in for a massage to receive the best benefits?

Of course, each client and case is different. In my opinion, at the bare minimum, monthly massage consistently is needed to receive the most benefit.  But please come in, speak with your therapist honestly, and together the best treatment plan can be obtained.  

With summer ending and cooler weather coming, is it more important to stay on top of receiving consistent massages?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I cannot stress this enough! Consistent massage not only helps with the effects of osteoarthritis during this time, but also helps with serotonin and dopamine release which combats depression that is more prevalent during the winter months as well.