My First Massage Experience

Like most people, I have the horrendous habit of getting way too caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and not remembering to focus on myself from time to time. Between work and school, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. Without setting time aside for yourself, it’s very easy to become stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, the holiday weekend gave me the opportunity for some relaxation. How did I relax you may ask? By receiving my very first massage. Something I’ve always wanted to do but never had any time for.

Booking the massage was an incredibly easy process.  There are a few options on how to book a session. A guest has the option to book online on the LaVida Massage website, call the Center directly, use the LaVida Massage app, or even book an appointment via text. I decided to book my session online since it was the most convenient for me. 

After finding a day and a time slot that worked best, I received a text with my appointment confirmation and a phone number to call in case I had any additional questions. The most important information that they told me upon booking is to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to my appointment to ensure that I have enough time to fill out some paperwork, which is exactly what I did on the day of my session.


From the moment I walked into the building, I was instantly transported to a tranquil place of healing and relaxation. From the music to the aroma, LaVida Massage does a fantastic job of creating a calming atmosphere. After warmly greeting me, the Sales Associate had me fill out a short intake form. This form is where I could list any important health information as well as the areas that I would like the therapist to focus on or avoid during the session. Although a full body massage sounded incredibly relaxing, I had my therapist focus mainly on my back and shoulders because of my long history of college drumline. After filling out the intake form, I was invited to take a seat in the lobby while I waited for my therapist to fetch me for my session. At this point, I was already incredibly eager and excited for my massage to begin that it was hard to sit still.

Lucky for me, my therapist was quick to escort me back to the room where my session would take place. After going over my form, she took the time to answer any questions that I had. I let her know that it was my first time getting a massage. She was incredibly kind to me and told me that she would begin with a lighter pressure to help ease me into the experience. She then left to give me some privacy to remove my clothes and to prepare. The great part of getting a massage here is that she asked me to undress to my comfort level, I could keep all of my clothes on if I chose.

After situating myself on the table and getting under the sheets, my therapist came in and the session began. There are no words to describe how entirely amazing it felt. The lights were dimmed, the music played softly in the background, the table was comfortably warm – this was basically the epitome of stress relief. My therapist focused on my back and shoulders first and I could instantly feel the tension leaving my body. Eventually, she had me flip over so she could work on my arms, hands, and neck. I didn’t even know hand massages existed before this, but I’m so glad that they do because it felt perfect. It wasn’t long before I got lost in the calming music and just let myself go.

The entirety of the massage was so relaxing that I was really surprised when it finally came to an end. My therapist left the room once more to give me some privacy to redress. After gathering my belongings, she met back with me to go over my session. Apparently, I have a lot of tension in my forearms and shoulders, but that’s to be expected when you work at a coffee shop. She gave me some great daily stretching exercises to help manage the tension in the future. After doing the exercises for a while, I can definitely say that I feel a very positive difference.

The Sales Associate at the front desk helped me choose a date next month for my next appointment and was happy to give my tip to my Massage Therapist for me. Generally, a 20-30% tip for a professional service such as this is standard.

All in all, I am more than happy with my first massage experience at LaVida Massage and I’m wondering what took me so long to schedule one. I believe that this would have been amazing stress relief during midterms or final exams when I was in college. I honestly felt so great afterward and my stress just seemed to evaporate.   I can’t wait for my next visit to LaVida Massage!