ReflexologyThe human body is an amazing instrument. One of the most extraordinary things about the human body is the way the reflexes provide seemingly unrelated “cause and effect” results in other parts of the body. Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to or massaging different Longitudinal Zones on each side of the body, to stimulate the flow of blood and fluids to other areas. Applying just the right ‘touch’ to the feet, hands, or ears with a specific amount of pressure can yield truly amazing physical results! Manipulating specific zones on one side of the body can affect zones on the other side of the body. By dividing the body into 10 equal vertical zones (five on either side), a Massage Therapist certified in Reflexology can assess and treat the whole body using this series of defined and applied points of pressure.

Benefits Of Reflexology

It is estimated that 75% of ailments, injuries, aches and pains are present due to stress. Reflexology allows the body to release that stress, which contributes to repair, relief and healing. Reflexology is believed to be effective, in part, because the skin on the feet and hands are incredibly thin and therefore, a person has more access to the numerous nerve endings located within those appendages. The nerves act as a mirror of sorts for one another.

A highly trained, licensed Massage Therapist certified in the art of Reflexology will have many questions for a guest during their initial consultation. The Therapist will ask specific questions about problem areas and then correlate those problem areas to one or more zones of the body. A trained Massage Therapist can directly correlate and isolate the problem area where it is located on the hands or feet and target the reflex points. It is widely accepted in the world of Reflexology that this practice is effective because the pressure applied to the nerve sends a signal to the brain. The brain receives this signal and in turn, sends a message of relaxation and/or pain relief to the specified zone or body part. It is also widely accepted that these 10 zones work together to provide natural energy throughout the entire body. When pressure is placed on these key areas of the hand and feet, barriers blocking the natural flow of energy are broken down and removed from the body.

Guests Best Suited for Reflexology

Reflexology is often recommended for guests who are shy or uncertain about massage and other therapy because there is no need to remove clothing aside from shoes and socks. It is also highly beneficial for those who are stressed or work long hours because it allows them to sit back and relax while the stress and pains are kneaded away from their hands and feet.