Have Your Fun in the Sun, and Keep Your Skin Healthy Too!

Finally, its sweet summer time! After the intense winter, we could not wait to get outside! Like everyone, we are fully enjoying the long warm days! But, as we put our cares on hold (a bit) to embrace the summer sun, there is one thing we should not neglect — that delicate dermis!

Our skin was safe and sound all winter long…hidden under layers of clothing. Now it is feeling the full effects of summer: the sunlight combined with excess heat, humidity, chlorine, salt water and those annoying bug bites can seriously wreak havoc on the skin. If not maintained properly, the skin is at risk for developing sunburn, pre-mature wrinkling and possibly melanoma. And, scientists believe that sunburns can actually alter the function of disease-fighting blood cells in the body after sun exposure, causing a sort of immune system suppression.

Then there are the things we actually do to our skin….dare we mention shaving or waxing? If not done properly, that can lead to skin health risks of infections, burns, ingrown hairs and scarring.

So, stay ‘skin deep’ in wellness all summer long with these quick tips from our skin experts:

Keep Cool

Stay hydrated with lots of H20, and consider bringing a face misting water bottle to the beach, pool, park or anywhere where you are exposed to heat for an extended period. Also, a cool shower after excess sun and heat exposure helps keep skin moisturized and decreases the chance of acne breakouts.

Indulge on Some Fruit

Melon has always been the recognized fruit of summer, but now it has a whole new meaning. Because it is rich in antioxidants, it has been shown to hydrate the skin and boost SPF (making for a killer complexion, too!). And, for more SPF benefits, consider a diet rich of vitamin C rich berries, citrus, tomatoes and vitamin E rich nuts. Salad anyone?

Don’t Forgo Monthly Facials

Regular facial treatments can soothe and cool summer burns, remove excess dirt and oil (which we’re more susceptible to this season) to prevent acne, slow down wrinkles or aging and give you a glowing complexion. While at-home peels and masks can be used between your professional sessions, they are no substitute for targeted therapy that trained skin care specialists can provide.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

We really cannot stress this enough. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that 90 percent of skin cancers in the country are linked to sun exposure. Reduce your risk by making sure to apply SPF all over the entire body (before putting on your swimsuit, to ensure you don’t miss any areas) before going out in the sun.

Mend Your Burns Right

Suffering from sunburn? (We feel your pain). Our best trick of the trade is using plain yogurt to calm and soothe the skin—it’s beneficial in treating and easing burns because of its lactic acid. Apply it to the affected area as a mask for 30 minutes before taking a cool shower. Of course, aloe vera gel can also do the trick and help heal burns quickly, too.

Don’t Scratch that Bug Bite!

Mosquito bites are the worst. But scratching will only make them worse. When you scratch, it’s very likely that you’ll break the skin which increases the chance of exposing the affected area to infection. This causes more inflammation, and ultimately, more pain. If you absolutely cannot handle the itchiness, hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion will help.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Stay cool and be kind to your skin! We wish you a happy, healthy July!